Wide Product Range

Round, Square, Flat and Wide Flat products form the basis of our Quality Steel product range.

Round22-260 mm
Flat40-150 mm
Wide Blade160-550 mm
Square20-200 mm
One Side Chamfered Flat Bar100-400 mm
Double Side Chamfered Flat Bar120-406 mm

Round Edge (Profile A), Half Round Edge (Profile B), Straight Edge and Round Corner (Profile C), Grooved Spring Flats, Grooved One Side Chamfered Flats, Grader Blade, Plow Blade and more….

Steel Grades

Round, Square, Flat, etc. within the group of Quality Steels. In addition to the following standard steel grades for products, customer-specific steel quality analyzes can also be produced in our Steel Shop.

Ship SteelsPressure Vessel Steels
Boron SteelsRailroad Steels
Improvement SteelsMining and Tunnel Steels
Spring SteelsCorrosion Resistant Steels
Free Cutting SteelsStructural Steels
Cementation SteelsSurface Hardenable Steels
High Strength SteelsMicro Alloy Steels
Carbon SteelsBearing Steels
Nitriding SteelsPlastic Mold Steels